Highlights of 2016

1912 Aromatherapy was created in 2016 – and this first year has truly nourished my creative spirit.

I am deeply grateful to my family, friends, collaborators, and clients for all of your support.

Sharing my love of the natural aromatic world and the art and science of aromatherapy is a true delight for me. Stepping into the 1912 studio – part aromatic apothecary and part fragrant botanical playground – brings me joy. Formulating and creating nourishing aromatic blends that reflect the beauty and healing power of the natural world keeps me grounded. Connecting with clients one-on-one, facilitating aromatherapy workshops, and introducing others to aromatherapy and its ability to soothe and heal the body, mind, and spirit is such an honor.

Here is a collection of photos from the past year that celebrate the big and small steps that 1912 Aromatherapy (and I) have taken. Click on the first photo to watch the slide show and read the photo captions to learn more about my journey this year.

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