Autumn rituals: essential oils to keep you grounded

Steady as a rock
Rooted like a tree
I am here
Standing strong
In my rightful place.
-Kim Brodey

Many of us experience the autumn as a “new year”. Autumn can often be a time of transition and change, calling us to step outside of our comfort zones and into unfamiliar territory.

If you are experiencing a fall with transition and new terrain, consider creating an aromatic ritual to provide you with a sense of stability and groundedness.

I like to use essential oils that are distilled from the roots of a plant whenever I need to feel grounded. Roots are the very definition of grounding – they provide stability and connection for a plant and will nourish your own ability to connect and stabilize yourself.

Here are three of my favorite root essential OILS to keep you grounded:

Spikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi)


Spikenard essential oil comes from the root of a flowering plant that grows to about one metre in height – found in Nepal, China and India. Spikenard has been used for thousands of years – as an incense, medicine and perfume.

Spikenard has an intense scent and can be overpowering – so only small amounts should be used.

In aromatherapy practice, Spikenard is considered to be useful in slowing down the overly active mind and providing a sense of calm in times of transition and change. It is very calming and balancing to the nervous system and helps soothe anxiety and instill a profound sense of peace.

Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides)


Vetiver essential oil comes from the roots of a tropical grass originally from India and Sri Lanka, but the plant is now grown in many tropical countries.

Vetiver is known as “the oil of tranquility” and it is incredibly grounding and stabilizing. The essential oil is deeply calming, balancing and restorative. Vetiver promotes rejuvenation on all levels and aids relaxation.

Ginger root (Zingiber officinale)


Ginger was one of the first products to travel the spice route from Asia to Europe, where both the Greeks and Romans made extensive use of it.

Ginger essential oil is warming and invigorating. It is considered to be an essential oil that builds courage and confidence and creates a wellspring of vibrant energy that eases nervous exhaustion. Ginger embodies “grounded fire”  and is both stable and ignited.

Creating an aromatic ritual

When we fully engage with a scent and it becomes our focus, we can detach from busy distracting thoughts and experience a state of mindfulness and reflective awareness.
-Jennifer Peace Rhind

Start or end the day by creating an aromatherapy ritual to ground yourself.

Diffuse a few drops of one of the suggested root oils for at least five minutes before practicing a simple grounding meditation.

By diffusing a specific essential oil with your meditation practice, you are creating a scent memory. After a short period of time, you will begin to associate the scent with a sense of nourishing groundedness.

There are many grounding meditation exercises available on the internet. Here is a beautiful guided meditation by Linda Hall:

Wishing you a fall season that is filled with ease.


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