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A 1912 Aromatherapy consultation is a unique experience.

At the heart of my aromatherapy practice is a deep desire to create and connect you to aromatic rituals of self-care that soothe, nourish and restore you from the inside and out.

Examples of customized aromatherapy products include:

  • Customized face oils, serums, and toners made with organic botanicals
  • A signature scent for a spa, yoga studio, massage studio, or work space
  • Aromatic roll-ons and diffuser blends for anxiety, stress, or insomnia
  • Essential oil blends for PMS and peri-menopause
  • Essential oils for pregnancy, birth, and post-partum care

There are a variety of methods of application to choose from: face oils, body oils, aromatic bath salts, massage blends, inhalations, aromatherapy misters, diffuser blends, and roll-on remedies.

My facial serum  has been transformational for my skin. My skin is happier, healthier, and more hydrated than it’s been in years! Not only does the facial serum leave my skin feeling soft, but it awakens the senses with its amazing aroma! Transcendence in a bottle! It allows me to glow both inside and out. True magic!
-Amy, Calgary

What happens in a consultation?

Before the consultation, I will email you a client consultation form to complete.

It is important for me to know if you are pregnant, taking medication, or have any health conditions as I want to ensure that the essential oils selected for use in your aromatherapy blends are safe to use and have no contraindications.

When you arrive for the one-on-one consultation, you and I will take time to have a more detailed discussion about the purpose of your visit and the desired intention of your aromatherapy blend.

After our conversation, I will thoughtfully select several essential oils for you to smell. We will determine your aromatic preferences if applicable to the aromatherapy blend.

We will spend 30 minutes together for the consultation. I will take a day to formulate your blend(s) – handcrafting your bespoke aromatherapy blend based on your desired intention.

Your blend will be ready for pick up two to three days after the initial consultation. You also have the option of having your blend delivered to you through Canada Post.

I will provide you with a detailed overview of the essential oils in your blend and information outlining how and when to use the aromatherapy blend. You will receive a follow-up email a week after using your customized blend.

Aromatherapy Consultation Fees

Aromatherapy consultation for individuals: $50

The cost of the consultation doesn’t include the price of your custom blend. Custom blends vary in price depending on the individual essential oils and plant oils selected and the product being created. Prices typically range from $20 to $40.

Aromatherapy consultation for businesses

There are numerous ways to include aromatherapy in your business. I have experience creating customized products and signature scents for local businesses, including Spring Massage Therapy, Flourish Wellness and XO Treatment Room

I have the knowledge and in-depth experience to create customized products, such as natural botanical face products, bath salts, and body oils that you can label with your own brand. See XO PM for a recent collaboration.

Please contact me for a business rates.

I wanted to reiterate how much I love my face oil. I use it every day. And my skin feels amazing. I have tossed all my other products that were kicking around. No need for anything else!!
-Becky, Calgary

I am not a medical doctor. I do not diagnose, treat or cure any medical conditions. The services I offer are based on my education and experience as an aromatherapist and should not be a substitute for medical treatment. If I feel your issues/concerns are beyond my scope of practice, I will recommend you seek professional medical attention.