I have purchased many skincare products from many different brands over the years: exfoliants and serums and moisturizers and creams that promise to nourish, brighten, calm and restore my skin. Some of these products have been great. But the facial oil you made for me beats them all. In this era of mass production, I love that this oil was made specifically for me. After I count out the drops on my hand, I always inhale the scent and it immediately calms me. Putting it on my face is equally calming. Unlike some other products (I’m thinking of all those that promise to address hyper-pigmentation but seem to do so by making my face uniformly red or slightly traumatized!), my skin is immediately happy with the oil. My skin absorbs the oil quickly – and then it looks and feels great!

Lynn, Vancouver

Shelagh and 1912 Aromatherapy have added a true soul to XO Treatment Room. She developed a beautiful scent with us that is calming and uplifting at the same time. It’s another dimension of XO  love that we can offer our clients. Working with her was such a pleasure and a very unique, educational process. Everyone should be doing this!

XO Treatment Room, Calgary

Learning about the properties and ethical origins of the oils that would ultimately be used in my custom blend was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  I left my consultation feeling like Shelagh understood the properties of my skin, as well as the scents and notes that resonated deeply with me.  The luscious face oil that she developed for me completely captures everything we shared.

Heidi, Calgary

Over the past two years I have been leading yoga retreats both nationally  and internationally. At the beginning of each retreat I like to give my students a small care package. This year I approached Shelagh to see if she would make 21 mini aromatherapy misters. Right from the beginning, Shelagh included me in her process of creation. She had knowledge and experience in making something very specific for a large group of people. I was thrilled with the outcome and so were my students. Since then, I have approached Shelagh to create an anointing blend for students who will be attending a retreat that  I am leading in Nicaragua this March 2016.

Natasha – RYT 500

I live in a very dry and windy climate. Both the face and cleansing oils custom made by Shelagh have restored balance to my skin. Shelagh blends intuition with a sound knowledge of aromatherapy and the alchemy of oils. I highly recommend her products!

Suzanne, Lethbridge

My facial serum and cleanser has been transformational for my skin. My skin is happier, healthier, and more hydrated than it’s been in years! Not only does the facial serum leave my skin feeling soft and silky, but it awakens the senses with it’s amazing aroma! Transcendence in a bottle! It allows me to glow both inside and out. True magic, and I am so grateful!

Amy, Calgary